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Student Competition

I’ve teamed up with Virgin Media to offer an amazing competition! We’re looking for the best student hacks out there and I’ve get 10 University survival kits to give away!

If you’re stuck on thinking of a hack here’s a few examples:



If you want a chance to win this competition then just head over and apply – it’s as simple as that!

Good luck!

Changing The World

I’m going to start this post with a question – what would you change about the world?

Myself and Lewis were curious about this question, how people would respond and what their answers would be, so we decided to ask them. We got our cameras and wen’t for a quick walk up the Royal Mile during the Edinburgh Festival and this was the response.

What would you change about the world? Edinburgh 2013 from Ignited Minds on Vimeo.

We were amazed and inspired by the end of this, in a time when all we hear about on the news is war and death, the senseless killing that is going on and the injustice that happens across the world every day – all people wanted was to be happy. It showed us just how much we are alike and what we really want, is the most simple things, things that we shouldn’t have to ask for but should just happen. It showed us that we weren’t the only ones who thought that the world needed changing and that we could change it if we worked together.

So I ask you, what would you change about the world?

The Proposal (Dun, Dun, Duuuun)

No, I didn’t propose, don’t worry. I filmed a street performer propose to his partner and it was amazing! I don’t know what I can really write about – apart from the overwhelming sense of happiness and joy that it brought to all who had the privilege to watch it! I’ve put the video below for all to see, so enjoy!

So, on a factor of overall cuteness/awesomeness/amazingness/otheradjectiveness what was that? Let the voting commence!

‘Till the next time!

What I’ve Been Up To

It’s been weird lately, I have obviously taken on way too much to do in such a short period of time as my brain physically hurts. But this busyness is good, I’m constantly doing something new and finding more and more stuff that I really do enjoy.

One of the things that I’ve started doing is filming theEdinburgh Festival and taking a few snap shots. Wow, do I love it! It’s amazing filming then coming home and working away on Premiere Pro to try and spice it up a bit, it takes ages but it is seriously worth it! The other stuff I’ve been up to lately is the usual, just 10x as much as I normally do, so we’re not going to talk about that. Instead I thought I would keep it short and show you some of the videos and pictures that I’ve been taking.

Hope you enjoy them! If you have any comments or words of advice – they are most welcome! Just comment below.

The first video of a Glasgwegian signer/songwriter called Murdo Mitchell. You can find him on Twitter at @MurdoMitchell or on Facebook.

The second video is of the Spinning Blowfish who can be found on Facebook here.



I’ve got more videos uploading at the moment, you can find out about them by subscribing/visiting my YouTube channel. There’s around five of a local singer/songwriter – Johnny Brown from Portseton and there’s an amazing surprise video as well!



My First Video: Edinburgh Festival – Acoustic Session

I thought that it might be a good idea to start filming the Edinburgh Festival, so I got my hands on a Canon 600D and some kit and got to work. This post has my first every video (oooooh) and it is obviously pretty poor! I’ve got about 6 more to edit and I’m going back out filming tomorrow and then midweek and into the weekend so hopefully I will get better!

Here’s my first video, it’s Colin Glynn singing ‘She Moves in Her Own Way’ by The Kooks.

Sorry about the shaky-ness, I didn’t have my tripod or the counter-weights!


I would love you forever if you could subscribe to my channel, I’ve got quite a few updates from the Fringe to go on it and I hope to get filming some trials/downhill mountain biking as well!

Untill the next time! Au revoir!



Well, it’s time to blow the dust away from this blog, I haven’t done any posts lately as I have been unbelievably busy with Ignited Minds and helping People Scotland out with their new site, it’s getting to a point when I’m now too busy to eat until about 7 or 8pm – it’s crazy!

Although what is even more crazy is that I will be heading off to university in September, I’m so excited! However, I don’t know how I’m going to cope, I’ve got to keep on top of Ignited Minds and I’m trying to get into web design (I’ll hopefully be releasing my own site in 2-3 weeks), and on top of this I have to study. I’m definitely going to be the most caffeinated person in my lectures.

So, in September I’m off to the wonderful Heriot-Watt to study Business and Marketing, which will be amazing! I can’t wait to live on the campus and meet everyone, it’s going to be great. Also, I hope that my room mates don’t mind a boring workaholic!

To help get me through university the amazing people at Virgin Media and @VMLoves sent me this, so I thought that I would share it with you all!

Uni-Versal Tips | Top Ten Student Life Hacks

Save time and money with our Uni-versal Top 10 Student Hacks and a 9 month Student Broadband Deal from Virgin Media

I’m pretty sure number three will be useful!

Overall things just now are amazing, stressful, but amazing! Ignited Minds is going swiftly and University is right around the corner. So Uni, come at me, I’m ready for you.

A Day in London And Some Really, Really, Really Fast Internet

In a room in the bunker

In a room in the bunker

I’ve spent most my day totally awestruck by two things, the first was London and simply just how incredibly busy the city actually is, secondly I was blown away by Virgin Media’s New Super Hub. In layman’s terms it provides really, really, really, really fast internet.

I got into London at 6:40 am this morning and, as usual, the first port of call was Starbucks,of course. It was mainly for the free Wifi instead of the caffeine fix, from there I went pretty much straight to the event. When we all turned up we were taken down to Virgin’s ‘Bunker’ in London. It’s an amazing space, kitted out with all the latest tech, filled with at least 30 devices, all of which run off the New Super Hub, at the same time. I want to live there, it was incredible. We were then plonked down on a sofa and the amazement began.

The Directors of Innovation at Virgin Media explained the story of the Super Hub, told us the ins an outs of the hub and Virgin’s network. So, here’s the importants stuff. They demonstrated that when you were connected to the hub via an Ethernet cable the Download speed was 122mb, then they used the WiFi, the speed was 111 mb! I’m used to my BT Home Hub crying every time I mention the word download.

Also, the Super Hub runs on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time which is great, it means that depending on your device you can choose to have around a 60mb speed or a 120mb speed, devices such as the iPad mini and the Samsung Galaxy range (except from Tab II) can run on 5GHz, but you have to set the default on your device on what one you want.

It’s not just the speed that amazed me, the range was incredible also. In true Virgin style they wanted to show this in an extreme

Some Cloud Gaming Going On!

Some Cloud Gaming Going On!

way. They opened up the curtains and there was a guy on the roof of another building on the other side of the garden, which was 80 metres away. They then decided to Skype him, using only that one Super Hub. It was amazing! This proved that the range was over 80 metres! I’m having a great day when my WiFi reaches the kitchen. We then decided to take it one step further, we all got some Kindle Fire HDs and started streaming and playing online games on the cloud whilst watching a programme on the BBC iPlayer, and monitoring the Bunker with 8 WiFi enabled security monitors and cameras, and getting a speed test. The test came back showing that the speed was 60mb, which I couldn’t believe. My BT Broadband can have about one and a half laptops connected before it decides that it has had enough.

I actually left the Bunker rather annoyed, knowing that I will be heading home to my terrible BT Broadband that will most likely make a massive deal when I try and sync some songs on Spotify, never mind run all my devices. Although on a positive note, I’m moving out in September and if all goes well I’ll remain out, then I could get my Virgin Super Hub and control the world’s devices from one place.

Why Didn’t We Do This In School?

Over the past couple of weeks now I have been learning more and more useful skills in life and in particular they relate to Ignited Minds, and I can’t help but ask why didn’t we do this in school? 

I have managed to teach myself the key fundamentals behind research, business structure, marketing, social media, networking and more. I am even attempting to teach myself how to code (we’ll talk about that later). More importantly however I keep on learning about every single one of the things that I mentioned. I wake up in the morning excited by the thought that I will be reading a report written by RBS or a book on Board Structure and Trademarking (Sad I know, but I love it). So why didn’t we learn about this in school? Why didn’t we get the choice? Unemployment in the UK for 16-24 year olds is currently 20.7% So why don’t we teach our pupils what they need to learn and truly prepare them for the future?

I wish I was taught about what I need to do for networking and how to use Social Media at your advantage instead of being taught Pythagoras’ Theorem (sorry to pick on you maths, but you know, you suck) or Hyperobole for that matter. We should of been taught about entrepreneurialism and how to code your way into a successful future. If you read my blog every so often you’ll see that I do rant about the education system and now that i’m out of it, it is still bugging me! School’s meant to prepare you for the future, I guess over the past few weeks I’ve realised that there was a lot I could of been taught at school that would of truly prepared me for the real world. For instance, if I was taught how to code from a much younger age then there would of been so many other open doors, that would of been invaluable. Gove you better be listening.

A Night On The Red Carpet – Made of Stone World Premiere

The Golden Ticket!

The Golden Ticket!

First things first, I am not a film critic; I’m not pretending to be either. I mean, I can barely write, never mind criticize someone else’s work.

Last night was the premiere of Shane Meadow’s – The Stone Roses: Made of Stone and firstly I have to say, what a night! It was an astounding event. The venue was incredible the fans were superb the atmosphere was electric, and when The Roses ruptured onto stage their was this concurrent amazement around the whole room and at once the audience jumped to their feet applauding, screaming and bouncing. It felt like I was at one of The Stone Roses gigs! It was outstanding.

The venue was an old warehouse all dressed up in with a red carpet (of which I walked down, man was that such a weird experience with cameras all around you filming and taking photos),  one side had a titanic poster of The Made of Stone advert, we then entered this dark room with the bar and into this massive, smoky, dark room filled with chairs and with a fantastic light display which really captured what we were going to feel for the rest of the night – sheer excitement.

The film opened with their last Manchester gig at Heaton park which had an attendance of 75,000. It opened with an awe-inspiring clip of Ian Brown (the lead singer) engaging with the crowd, with the best moment being when he takes a fans phone and starts filming himself and the stage. I have to say now that I am not a Roses fan, I had never listened to them before the premiere, but in that moment of the opening of the film I instantly connected with them and I finally realized why people say what they say about them.

As the film progressed and we started to learn about the Roses, the ups, the downs and the beautiful sound that is their music, I

The Massive Screen

The Massive Screen

started to realize what they were about and why people loved them. There was an interview with fans at one point and one said that: “The Roses are the reason I have this haircut, they’re the reason why 20 years later I don’t wear a tie”. It showed me that they connected with a nation that just didn’t want to put up with anything else, they just wanted to go against the status quo so to speak. It seemed like they themselves didn’t care either, in their interview about their debut album (The Stone Rose’s, 1989) and I have to say they seemed to act like the most difficult band in history, they didn’t respond to questions, they took ages to answer, and just made the journalists life absolute hell. To put that in the film was sheer brilliance, it instantly connected with audience and boy did we love it! Everyone was in stitches, what made it that little bit better as well was that the band were in attendance in the crowd.

The Stone Roses!

The Stone Roses!

Made of Stone really captured the essence and spirituality of the band brilliantly, it showed their friendships, the good, the bad and the ugly – such as the incident in Amsterdam when Reni left before the encore which caused a massive uproar. Made of Stone managed to really exhibit the love that the band felt towards Manchester and the love that Manchester felt back, like I said before, I was a never a Stone Roses fan, I didn’t even know who they were. But now, now I am in love with them, I’m in love with their genius, with their love for their fans and I am in love with their music, in fact I am listening to them right now. I’m amazed at how one film can have that kind of impact, it was well and truly mind blowing.

Oh yes, and I attended the VIP party. It’s going to be hard to top that night!

Here’s the Q&A with Shane Meadows after the premiere:


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I’ve been nominated!